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Banner Ad Scripts
  1. CLiX Scripts Banner Xchange
    frEE - Platform(s): UNIX
    Free CGI Script allows you to host your own banner xchange. Includes auto verification of new users by emailing an activation code and allows custom bonus credits and banner credits ratio.

  2. Dream Catcher's Advertiser
    Advertiser offers you the ability to keep track of advertisers on your site. It rotates your advertisers and keeps track of how many time their ad has been displayed. It also keeps track of how many times their site was visited through the ad on your site. Advertiser helps you show your advertisers what they are getting as well as allowing you to charge per display.

  3. DynAds, Dynamic Content Delivery and Link Tracking Engine
    $99.00 - Platform(s): Perl 5
    Rotate any html content. Redirect url links. Keep comprehensive site, ad, link and visitor statistics. Weighted random, sequential, specific or list selection of ads. Display ads via SSI, frames, IMG tags, JavaScript, and DHTML layers. Dynamically load ads to browser as objects on the fly and display them using built in dhtml API. Define unlimited ad categories, ads, ad groups, and displays. Manual or automatic disable of ads and categories based on time, view and click counts. Password protected admin control panel to define ads, to generate reports, and to obtain html tags. Use DynAds for banner rotation, general html content delivery, dhtml sticky ads, popups, exit pops, link hiding and tracking, measuring ad efficiency, site statistics, affiliate link management, selling ad space, advertising campaign manager, content sharing and syndication, organizing web sites, slide shows, real time dynamic data displaying, context sensitive contents, tip of day, news, and menu displaying...

  4. Easy Advertiser
    An easy-to-use banner ad management script. It has an admin page, which includes an add, view, edit, and delete ad functions. The script displays ad name, number of click-throughs, number of exposures, and the ratio of clicks to exposures.

  5. Fantastic Multilist
    $499 - Platform: Unix
    With this Allround program know webmaster link rotations, banner rotations, FFA link lists and guest books their own visitors to offer, therefore hosten. The administrator has exactly the same many configurations possibilities like the visitor. With advertising module for perfect banners advertisement, statistics and many further possibilities. Standard English and German, shortly Danish, other languages easily applicable.

  6. Free N Share Ad
    A banner rotation program that randomly displays the banner image and correctly bring user to the URL. Also, it allows the webmaster to give a probability to each banner to be displayed.

  7. Free N Share CookieAd
    The same as Ad, but uses the Netscape Persistent Cookies to store the URL information. This implementation should be faster, and more reliable. The cookie part only works on cookieable browsers, but it also supports non-cookieable browsers by using the old method, opening a file.

  8. FreeScripts: BannerWheel
    This script is for displaying banner ads in a somewhat random fashion. It's not completely random though because you can set the probability of it displaying each banner. This script also keeps track of the number of times each banner is displayed.

  9. Holiday Banner Automation
    $15 - Platform: Unix
    Holiday is a script that automates the display of banners related to specific end dates. You can assign a URL and alt text to the image so it can appear as a link. The script starts at the top of a list defined in a text file and displays the image until the last date shown. It then moves to the next image in the list. Well documented. Free for non-commercial use.

  10. KDBanner
    The KDbanner is a script that can display random gif images or be used as a banner advertiser. It is very simple to put up and can rotate through as many banners as you like, and each banner or gif image can be a link to another page. You can also set the border size around the banner if you like. KDbanner 2.0 will also count how often each banner is displayed and how often each banner is clicked on, and you can choose if the counts is displayed or not. Also included is EditTool, a script which you use to view, add, delete, and edit your banners. Everything done through your browser, live on the Web.

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