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Bandwidth Protection Scripts
  1. Anti-Leech V.2.1
    Platform: Unix
    Anti-Leech is the ultimate bandwidth protection script. With this 1 script, you can protect any type of files even if they are all on different servers. Features include: logs statistics of file download; full admin add, view and remove utility; anti-leech protection; email notification.

  2. Bandwidth Protector
    $99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Designed to stop the unauthorized linking of your website graphics and HTML pages from other websites, thereby using your bandwidth to deliver graphics and HTML pages to other website pages.

  3. Bandwidth Valve
    Platform: Unix
    Is your website on a fixed bandwidth budget? Now you can kick heavy users off your password site and keep your bandwidth bill under TOTAL control! The choker scans and kicks users off your password list if they surpass the webmaster defined bandwidth quota. Also effective secondary measure to monitor for password leaks. Most password leak security programs only scan for multiple logins but PROXY servers such as AOL, etal FAIL to get noticed! Not so with the choker. Stop data hogs cold.

  4. Chatologica Web-Site Accelerator (for Apache)
    $19.95 - Platform(s): Unix, Windows
    This perl script speedups your existing web-site on average of 3 times and saves your outgoing traffic through gzip http compression.

  5. FileProt
    $50.00 - Platform: Unix
    Tired of losing Bandwidth to hotlinkers? This script allows YOU to control from where people can access your site/images!

  6. Image Guard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Image Guard is designed to help prevent other people from directly linking to your image files, thus saving you precious bandwidth. Script usage requires SSI.

  7. Image Show
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This is a script to display each of your images. Part of the Image Catalog - full control of what should be displayed, be sure nobody else is using it and track all bandwidth thieves. Create web pages with images on the fly by editing a simple text file. Could work with, but does not require Server Side Includes (SSI).

  8. Land Mine - Block Data Mining From Your Site
    Platform: Unix
    Why spend hundreds of hours toiling away on your website when a single person armed with a web spider can suck all the data from your site in minutes? Tired of spiders mining data from your site? Whether its images, mp3's, avi's, midi files or whatever if you have a lot of files on your site you are going to become targeted by computers running powerful spiders to datamine your entire website. In minutes they can grab THOUSANDS of images off your site and give them away for FREE. Protect yourself with Mine Field.

  9. LeechThis! Pro - File Protection / Anti-Sourcing
    Free/$58.75 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Protect your files from being downloaded anywhere BUT your own site. LeechThis! will be available in both Lite and Pro editions depending on your own websites needs.

  10. PicKeeper
    $34.99 - Platform(s): Unix, Win NT
    In order to protect your copyright picture files, PicKeeper was created. With PicKeeper: There is no way for visitors to copy your images on your website. All of Offline Browser + Capture Screen softwares cannot be used to download (or capture) your picture files. Pictures won't cache to the hard drive and visitors cannot Right Mouse Click on the picture and Save Picture As... Another webmaster can't show your images on their website.

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