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Online Auction Scripts
  1. Reverse-It / Your Reverse Auction Solution
    $35 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Many people have spent countless hours looking for a product in the hundreds of auction sites on the internet, only to not find what they are looking for. Why not have a place where people could list what they want and need and have other people submit offers to them. They get what you want and seller are able to sell their goods or services. That is the entire idea behind the Reverse-It script. This is going to become just as big of an industry as the auction site phenomenon. Be one of the first to offer this to cyberspace. This script works well accompanying existing auction and classified site, or it work excellent as the main theme for your web site. Come check out our features list.

  2. SunnyScript's Ads&Auctions
    Platform: Unix
    Now it's very easy to host your own auctions or provide a classified ads marketplace. Ads&Auctions can handle both applications and offers many advanced features: Build-in user anagement, ability to handle categories, login for registered users with access to user lounge (place ads, create auctions, modify settings). It's a matter of course that all actions can be done also moderated, so you have always full control over the system. Ads&Auctions - a professional auctions and classified ads system! The web-frontend is fully customizable according your needs and can be integrated into any existing website layout. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software!

  3. Web Auction Systems
    $60 / $100 - Platform: Unix
    Features include: User Registration, Password Protection, Auction "Timer", Bid Logging, Web-based AdministrationItem "Timer", Multiple Auction Categories, Individual Detail Links For Each Item, Email to Bidders When They Are Outbid, Export to External DB

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