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  1. Anaconda! Pipeline: Amazon Edition
    $49.95 - Platform: Unix
    Anaconda! Pipeline is a perl CGI script that dynamically retrieves *any* Amazon.com page, and inserts it into your sites pages on-the-fly. Individual book links are hardlinked with your Amazon associate code for the maximum commission. All other links are linked back to Pipeline for successive processing. NOTE: Anaconda! Pipeline is also available for Amazon.de and comes with professionally translated German documentation.

  2. Anaconda! Pipeline: eToys Edition
    $49.95 - Platform: Unix
    Anaconda! eToys edition is a combination of Anaconda! Search *and* Anaconda! Pipeline for eToys.com (the #1 toy site on the net). Integrate all search results, and pipeline the wonderful eToys brand pages (like Lego, Barbie, Crayola, and Star Wars), directly on your site. Of course, all linking to eToys is done with your affiliate code for proper commission tracking.

  3. Agents Of Fortune Affiliates Software
    Platform: Unix
    Agents of Fortune allows you to payout referring sales agents a commission based on every confirmed sale they refer to you. Affiliates signup and receive instant account activation and bannercode is generated for them with a push of a button. Realtime statistics track their sales activity. Compatible with all forms of billing including formmail, Mastergate, iBill Processor, Cyberstash, and DMR. Server load requirements are negligible. Administrative interface allows you to view sales activity for the entire year, scroll around pay periods and zoom in for details. Handy export feature allows you to export all of your users payout data to a flat file ASCII field delimited database for check writing software. Also allows you to revoke sales in the event of chargeback or fraud. Agents of Fortune also allows you to offer a secondary commission structure to affiliates that recruit affiliates.

  4. Agents Of Fortune Professional
    Platform: Unix
    Agents of Fortune Professional offers mySQL database support to handle extreme data loads. We can completely integrate your website into any payment system and structure multiple commission structures/formulas and even set up the install to handle multiple websites. Contact us for quotes and more information. Realtime stats, automated data backup and completely compatible with revshare, authorize.net, shopping carts, and other popular billing solutions. Database backup and restore in the event of server crash.

  5. Agents Unlimited - Multilevel Affiliate Software Solution
    Platform: Unix
    Affiliate engine capable of integrating into virtually any billing system allows you to reward affiliates commissions for referred sales. Our newest system supports unlimited levels of payouts to drive your sales through the roof! Each payout level may be set to a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission. Similar interface and features as our popular Agents of Fortune Professional including instant account activation, secure text links, real time statistics, easy database backup and restore. Simple integration into virtually all online billing systems and shopping carts. Negligable server load requirements. Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.

  6. Amaz'n Book Club
    $85 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Increase your Amazon Affiliate revenue by 200% or more by adding a book club to your web site.

  7. BannerClick version 2
    $80.00 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win 2000
    New revision of this popular affiliate software. Boasting improved, detailed statistics, streamlined code, and a lower price. Now including our most complimented referrer statistics, allowing your members to see exactly which pages are generating the most hits. New template driven appearance means that customizing to suit your site is a breeze! BannerClick now also tracks clicks to multiple sites. Click-thru based affiliate program, (commission version is available).

  8. BannerFarm
    $35 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a program that allows your affiliate system to pass affiliate codes to your bannerfarm. This allows you to have simple copy and paste linking code for your affiliates with their info already in the link code.

  9. BestSeller BookShop
    Free/Fee-based - Platforms: all
    Most advanced Book-Shop system for all webmasters. Created instantly. It is your own bookshop with your own style, design, layout and content. More than 600 pages of current books, Book Search, book categories, full review. All titles set for HIGHER commission rate. Updated 6 times a day. Free BookShops available.

  10. CashMail
    $500 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Allows you to run a pay per email opt-in list like the big boys for a fraction of the costs!

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