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The Scripts Collection
  1. CGI City's original scripts
    - the following scripts may be downloaded for free:

  2. CC Goodbye - a redirection script that takes visitors to a "goodbye" page prior to actual redirection.
    CC Guestbook - simple guestbook program you can add to your home page.
    CC Log - page logging utility that can help you track hits to a single page.
    CC Whois - simple domain lookup script which queries the Internic and more than 50 other foreign domain name databases.
    The Commander - a web-based shell interface that allows you to run Unix commands on your server via the web browser.
  3. Affiliate Programs
    - start your own program.
  4. Banner Ads
    - rotate those ads.
  5. Bandwidth Protection
    - ban bandwidth thieves.
  6. Bulletin Boards
    - add one to your page.
  7. Chat Software
    - everybody wants one.
  8. Classified Ads
    - buy and sell stuffs.
  9. Cookies
    - not the choclate chips kind.
  10. Countdowns / Calendars
    - how many days to go?
  11. Counters
    - graphical and text varieties.
  12. Database Manipulation
    - retrieve those hidden info.
  13. Forms Processing
    - it's better than "mailto".
  14. File Uploading
    - for browser-based uploads.
  15. Guestbooks
    - have your visitors sign them.
  16. Help Desk & Customer Support
    - improve your CRM.
  17. Image Gallery Tools
    - manage online galleries.
  18. Internet Tools
    - whois, ping, telnet, etc.
  19. Logs and Stats
    - see where hits come from.
  20. Mail
    - manage/process those mail.
  21. MLM
    - multi-level marketing stuff.
  22. Money and Finance
    - eg: credit card verification.
  23. News Grabber
    - grab & display news feeds.
  24. Portals/Links Management
    - want to start a little yahoo?
  25. Online Auctions
    - make some money online.
  26. Password Protection
    - restrict and control access.
  27. Postcards
    - send electronic greetings.
  28. Random Links
    - where do you want to go?
  29. Redirection
    - toss your guests around.
  30. Searching
    - add a site search feature.
  31. Shopping Carts
    - for e-commerce needs.
  32. Surveys
    - conduct a popularity poll.
  33. Tell-A-Friend
    - spread the word.
  34. Top Sites / URL Submitter
    - make yourself famous.
  35. Web Editors
    - edit pages on-line.
  36. Web Space Management
    - offer free web space.

CGI City's Key Sections - check them all out.

CGI City offer custom programming services at very friendly rates.
Mail-A-File - form mailer with file attachment capabilities.
Generate printer-friendly web pages on the fly with CGI City's Printer-Frinedly script.
Mail-This-Page Pro - lets your visitors send entire pages of your site to firends via email.
Mail-This-Page - allow visitors to send copies of your contents to a friend, right from the same page.
Mail Dispatcher - automates your regular mail dispatch routines.
Download-A-File - simplify your site's downloading process and keep track at the same time.
CC Whois - lookup a domain name from over 50 country databases.
CC Ads - classified ads and free-4-all program

Articles on Web Development, Site Promotion, Internet Marketing and Technical Reviews.

Read CGI City's articles on web development, web site promotion, internet marketing and technical reviews.

Index of e-Commerce Solutions Providers
Check out these companies that can complement your e-commerce site.
  • Accept credit cards online
  • Accept checks online
  • Index of Remotely Hosted Programs
    Don't have a cgi-bin? Check out the index of remotely hosted programs to add spice to your site.

    CGI City's Newsroom
    Today is
    The CGI City Newsroom compiles the latest technology headlines from leading web sites and publications. Make this your one-stop portal to the latest news in computing, web technology and even popular trends.

    Tips & Tutorials
    Check out our collection of tips and tutorials on CGI - Perl programming. We have witten these with the novice in mind, so expect these to be as simple and as basic as possible.

    Perl 5 Reference
    Check out CGI City's On-line Perl 5 Commands Reference Manual. This is a handy resource for the novice Perl programmer.

    A huge collection of links to documentations, articles, and tutorials on the subject of CGI. Our Books section lists 107 titles of books on CGI/Perl. It is operated in association with Amazon.Com, which enables you to purchase a book directly once you find something you need.

    Help Wanted
    This is a collection of ads posted by persons seeking assistance in the area of CGI programming. If you have such a requirement, you may submit an ad to be posted here.

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