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Skin Moisturizes Great In The Shower

(NC)-Daily grooming routines can be tedious and boring but it seems everyone likes to linger in a morning shower.

We revive there, we cleanse and scrub, shampoo and condition, shave, loofah, and exfoliate there, one step at a time. It seems effortless, due mainly to products that are made for the shower, and because it is so nice to pamper oneself where it is steamy, soothing and warm.

So let's add one more. Olay makes a body lotion for when we are wet all over. Not only is the application quick and easy in the shower, but steamy conditions are ideal, say dermatologists, to prepare the skin for moisture retention.

"Better still, our Olay Moisturinse In Shower Body Lotion is formulated with petrolatum, the No. 1 dermatologist recommended moisturizing ingredient," says Wendy Brackett, spokesperson for the product. "Technological innovation has allowed us to create an aesthetically pleasing and very effective moisturizer with the in-shower lotion formulas. Olay scientists developed a revolutionary technology that enables exceptional levels of petrolatum to be delivered onto the skin without feeling sticky or tacky."

It's so quick

Did you know that eight out of 10 women report having dry skin, yet only 42 percent actually moisturize on a daily basis? So if time is of the essence, here is what you do for noticeable effects within one to five days: In the shower, cleanse and rinse as usual, then smooth Olay Moisturinse everywhere you want hydrated skin. Use approximately a quarter-sized amount for each area. Then rinse off and your skin will be instantly wrapped in lasting moisture even after towelling dry.

This product assures your skin will be moisturized, since you don't skip your shower, you won't skip your body lotion.

- News Canada

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