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Protecting Your Vehicle From Rust Adds Up To Big Savings

(NC)-Fall and winter will be here again soon and it's time to think about how to protect your automobile from the deterioration caused by cold weather, snow and road salt. One way is to take your vehicle for a rust control treatment. Frequently referred to as rustproofing, it's a process of spraying a rust-inhibiting chemical on the underside and inside of your vehicle's body, as well as any other rust-prone areas. Rust control makes your car last longer and will save you money.

A saving, not a cost

With today's higher prices for everything from auto insurance to gasoline, most of us are watching our spending. We may not be able to buy a new car every three or four years, which is where rust control can help. Having your vehicle sprayed annually may well double its lifespan, saving you thousands of dollars. Here's how:

  • Your car will last longer, delaying the need to buy a new one.

  • If your vehicle is paid for and you keep it for 10 years, you can avoid years of car payments a potential saving of from $20- to $40-thousand or more.

  • Maintenance costs are lower and your car looks better.

  • Resale value increases.

"If you buy a vehicle and plan to keep it for more than four years, consider taking it to a reliable rust control business to be sprayed every year," suggests Freeman Young, president of Krown Rust Control Systems. "And check to make sure that the process is environmentally safe and the technicians are properly trained."

After purchasing a house, a vehicle is probably the biggest item most people ever buy. So it makes good financial sense to prevent rust from causing premature deterioration.

An annual rust control treatment for an average car costs about $110 before tax and does not void your manufacturer's warranty.

More information on the benefits of rust control can be found at www.krown.com.

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