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Go Green – Create An Environmentally-Friendly Home

(NC)-Reducing energy consumption and becoming environmentally-friendly doesn't need to be a difficult task. Today, more Canadians are practicing better, "greener" ways of living. As Canadians look to greener living, they are demanding those who build our homes and work places do the same and practice green building.

Green building means improving the design and building practices so buildings are energy efficient. "A key component in green building is found deep within the walls of homes: insulation," says Lorne Blatt, Insulation Expert, Owens Corning.

The more insulated the home, the greater the resistance to heat flow – also known as R-value. Effective insulation slows the transfer of heat, lessening the need for regulation by the furnace or air-conditioner.

For the best insulating results, homes should have higher than the

recommended local building code R-value. After all, the less you work your furnace or air-conditioner, the more environmentally friendly your home.

Attics should have a minimum of R-40 while basements should be insulated at R-20, however insulating to R-2000 levels is ideal – R-50 attics, R-25 frame walls, and R-20 basements. R-value decreases if insulation is packed too tightly, compressed to less than its designed thickness, if there are gaps or if it gets wet.

At times of peak energy demand – those hot summer days and cold winter nights – we rely heavily on fossil-fuel powered generation. If we use less energy, fewer power plant emissions will be generated, helping keep the environment cleaner.

For more information, visit www.owenscorning.ca or call 1-800-GET-PINK®.

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