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Creating Your Own Banner For Advertising
Article by: Peter Go

Ever think why that banner, which took you quite a bit of time and effort to make, just isn't bringing in the hits to your site? While we don't profess to know the secret formula for making 100% successful banners, we surely can give you a roadmap to making a more effective one.

Seek Professional Help
This is the very first and basic rule we ourselves follow. If you don't know enough about making them yourselves, get help from someone who does. While we agree that there's nothing much more gratifying than accomplishing it yourself and using your very own resources, we also believe that some people are blessed with the skills for such tasks and some are just unfortunately all-thumbs. So before you start on that banner, think to yourself "Do I really have it?" or "Do I call 911?" We have, at the ned of this article, listed some links to qualified bannermakers whom you might want to check out.

There was an article published by ZDNet which inidcated that animated ads generate about 15-40% more click-through rates as opposed to static ones. Animated banners tend to get noticed more and therefore stand better chances of being clicked. We advise, though, to keep the animation within necessary limits. Remember that in some cases, too much animation can be become rather annoying.

Keywords: "Click Here" & "Free"
An article we came across with indicated that banners bearing the words "Click Here" and "Free" get better response rates. Of course, if you have nothing free to offer, don't use the word "Free". We are dfinitely against misleading ads.

Choose Colors Wisely
This is a tricky area because it can either work for you or backfire. Some general rules to remember include:

  • watch your color combinations - do not mix dark text with an equally dark background;
  • simplicity - don't try to use all the colors available on your paint pallette, limit it to maybe 4-5 colors;
  • boldness - bold colors like yellow and green tend to have better response rates than drab colors like brown and gray.

Change Your Ads Often
Again, there have been studies that indicated the effectiveness of frequently changed banners. You banner's response rates usually decrease by the second to third time someone sees it. We recommend that you rotate several versions of your banners at least every 2 weeks.

File Size
Keep you banner's file size down to a minimum. The faster it loads on someone else's site, the better chance of it being noticed. It takes some experience to be able to produce a high quality banner at the same time having a low file size. Keep experimenting. Practice makes perfect.

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