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15 Tips For Getting Your Web Site Listed
Article by: Azam Corry

1. Each page should have a different title, meta description and meta keywords. The information should be appropriate to the particular page, not generic to the site.

2. Use your main keywords in the page title, meta description and meta keywords tag. Put your most important keywords first.

3. Use the same keywords in the first few lines of text immediately following the BODY tag, naturally sprinkled throughout the content and also at the foot of the page if possible.

4. Don't repeat any word more than three times in either the title, meta description or meta keywords tags.

5. Don't include a keyword in the meta keywords tag that is not present somewhere in the visible page content.

6. Using spaces instead of commas to separate keywords in the meta keywords tag ensures search engines can group words to exactly match search phrases. e.g. some engines might not match for 'submit url' if your tag says "url submit,url submission"

7. With keywords, less is more. The fewer the words in your title, meta description and meta keywords tags, the more relevancy points a search engine will give each (e.g. 100% divided by 20 words gives 5% relevancy points for each word. 100% divided by 5 words gives a 20% relevancy for each).

8. Submit every page of your web site to all of the major search engines (except for those that expressly forbid it, or only allow root URL/homepage submission). You may be surprised at which pages rank well.

9. Submit one page to each search engine every day.

10. Submit a different page each day.

11. Avoid online auto-submitters unless you are sure they really work. Though some do, many more don't, or are simply ignored by the search engines. To be safe, submit to the major engines by hand.

[Originally created for my own use, the Now Sell! Fast Manual Submission tool enables you to hand-submit to the top 20 in minutes - for Free: http://www.nowsell.com/go/to.cgi?l=asubmit If you need something even faster, take a look at Michael Campbell's unique software: http://www.nowsell.com/go/to.cgi?l=asec ]

12. Make a minor change to the page before each submission, so that the search engine spider will see it as new. Most search engines place more importance on new pages. In addition, updating the page helps prevent the engine from thinking you are spamming it, by submitting an identical page multiple times.

13. Once a page has a top 20-40 listing at a search engine, do not re-submit it to the same engine unless it drops out of this range. Since search engine algorithms change often, you are better not re-submitting at all, but following tip 14 below.

14. Modify, or 'tweak' copies of your listed pages to improve ranking. Make some substantial changes to the body text. Submit the copy. Leave the listed page alone, else you may lose the position you already have.

15. Never submit pages that are exact duplicates of others. If you need duplicate pages on different URL's, prevent search engine spiders from visiting them by using the robots exclusion meta tag or your .htaccess file.

Not all of the tips above are applicable to every search engine. However, habitually following them all will improve your chances of decent results (unless you wish to target the different search engines individually, with pages specially optimized for each).

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